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Hawkeye Home Inspections Inc.

Building Inspection Sacramento

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Hawkeye Home Inspections has been providing Buyer’s Inspection, Pre-Listing Inspection, New Construction and Phase Inspection, Builders 1-Year Warranty Inspection, Commercial Inspection, Pool and Spa Inspection, Sprinkler Inspection, Chimney and Roof Inspections to home buyers and home sellers in the following areas of Metro Sacramento, Rancho Cordova, Carmichael, Fair Oaks, Rio Linda, Citrus Heights, Folsom, Roseville, El Dorado Hills, Lincoln, Penryn, Newcastle, Auburn and all areas in between since 2000.

Hawkeye Home Inspections Inc. can be found at 9940 Business Park Dr . The following is offered: Building Inspection . In Sacramento there are 16 other Building Inspection. An overview can be found here.

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  • Raymond Overton

    Owner | Lead Inspector

    Raymond Overton, owner of Hawkeye Home inspections, loves helping people with the biggest investment of their life, a home purchase. In the year 2000, he decided to make a change from the building industry where he was a journeyman carpenter with the Local Carpenters union. After graduating from the prestigious home inspection training school, I.T.A. (Inspection Training Associates) in Oceanside, Ca., he started his Home inspection service company, Hawkeye Home Inspections inc. Raymond’s years of construction experience and hard work ethic started back when he was just a teen working on a horse ranch and continue to this day. He loves learning new things which is what excites him about home inspections. You never know what you are going to see, and every home is different. He constantly strives to gain more knowledge and technical skills through continuing education with the top professional home inspection organization called “The American Society of Home Inspectors “or better known as “ASHI” where Raymond is a Certified Inspector Member in good standing. Raymond has always been a family man which is why he decided to make this a family business and recruited his son Brandon and a couple nephews to join the company. Raymond loves to train, mentor and pass along the many years of experience and knowledge gained by completing over 10,000 home inspections. Raymond has 2 sons which gave 3 granddaughters, so far, and he and his wife Kelly love to spend time with them exploring the wonderful areas surrounding the greater Sacramento area and Sierra Nevada mountain range. He enjoys skiing, biking, fishing, golfing, hiking and boating.



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  • Brandon Overton

    Home Inspector

    Brandon Overton was born to be an inspector. His Dad was doing construction during the early years and started Hawkeye Home inspections when Brandon was a teen. Brandon always wanted to follow in his Dad’s footsteps so joining the company was a given. Brandon trained for years before doing them on his own without Dad. Becoming a Certified Inspector Member of the American Society of Home Inspectors or better known as “ASHI” was a pinnacle in his career. Becoming a certified inspector member required him to personally inspect over 250 homes and have his reports checked by Master inspectors. Brandon had to pass the National Home Inspection Examination to become certified. ASHI requires he attain ongoing education and earn CE credits. Along with the basic home inspection, Brandon also is certified in Pool/Spa inspection, Sewer scoping, irrigation, indoor air quality testing and moisture detection. When not inspecting, Brandon loves to spend time with his family. He is married with two beautiful daughters. They love to go fishing and playing in the outdoors. Most of his free time is spent working on his ranch home in Loomis, Ca. which he is completely remodeling himself. Brandon’s gentle and kind demeanor are a great fit for being a home inspector. Helping people learn about the biggest investment of their life is what he loves doing, that and spending time with family and loved ones.


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  • Jordan Mortimer

    Home Inspector

    Jordan Mortimer has always had an eye for detail which is why Home inspection has been a great career choice for him. Another reason would be, he loves to help others. Growing up, Jordan’s Grandfather was a great inspiration for him. He taught him everything he knew which gave Jordan a well-rounded knowledge base in many of the building trades. Jordan’s love of being of service showed when he cared for his ill Grandfather for 9 years until his passing. Another thing Grandpa passed down to Jordan was a hard work ethic. He always seems to go the extra mile and is dedicated to making sure the job is done right, whatever he is working on. Some things Jordan loves are his new Bride and spending time with her in the garden where he enjoys growing vegetables and flowers. What Jordan really loves about the inspection business is the ability to learn so many things about a home as he plans on building his own one day soon. Jordan is a member with the American Society of Home Inspectors or better known as “ASHI” and he holds certifications in sewer scoping, irrigation inspections and indoor air quality, pool/spa inspection and is planning on adding many more.

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  • Lori

    Office Manager

    In 1999 I started working for a multi-inspector home inspection firm in the Roseville area. I worked my way up to Office Manager within a year, and after 5 years left to start my own home inspection scheduling service. I now schedule for 5 home inspection companies with a total of 8 home inspectors and growing! I love the customer service aspect of what I do, helping people in their home buying process hopefully taking just a bit of the pressure off in all that buying a home entails. All of the inspectors that I work with are some of the best inspectors in the Tri-County area, giving their clients the peace of mind in knowing that they are making a worthwhile investment.

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Products And Services

  • Buyer’s Inspection Sacramento

    Every home buyer in Sacramento must emphasize on Home Inspection before signing any contract to reduce any potential future risks. Only the Sacramento Home Inspectors can be able to point out possible issues in a home during an inspection. Hawkeye Home Inspections have great experience and skills to carry out the job. So what benefits can you as a home seller or buyer gain from our professional Sacramento Home Inspection Services? Schedule your Buyer’s Inspection Sacramento Today! Benefits of Professional Buyers Home Inspection Peace of Mind When buyers get an inspection, their perplexities go and they pick up a metal soundness which helps them to make snappy yet safe and secure choice. Future Necessities Our professional Sacramento Home Inspectors decreases present buying costs, as well as lessens future expenses. During a buyer’s inspection, we give proposals about the future upkeep of the home, which may spare a great deal of cash in future. Schedule your Buyer’s Inspection Sacramento Today! Legal Formalities We rid the buyer from the worry of legal or documentary conventions as we will give a composed report. Get a Great Deal With our expert Sacramento Home Inspections, a buyer can compute the most practical cost of the property he will purchase. The home inspection results can be used in arranging repairs or if the repairs are broad a buyer might need to pull out of the deal if the agreement permits it. The buyers can contrast the elements and downsides and the comparable properties accessible in a similar condition. Schedule your Buyer’s Inspection Sacramento Today! If you are decided to buy a house, never hesitate to visit Hawkeye Home Inspections a Sacramento Home Inspection Company that will surely help you out in buying properties that is not properly inspected. Spending for a home inspection is worth it. Look for experts and for sure you will not regret at the end. Planning to sell your house? As a seller, you want to get the highest possible price for your property. You need a Seller’s Inspection Service. Call us today and find out more how to prepare your home for the inevitable evaluation not only helps to ensure that the transaction goes through, but can often translate into getting a top-dollar selling price as well.

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  • Seller’s Inspection Sacramento

    A Pre-Listing House Inspection in Sacramento unmasks potential surprises that could hinder the sale of your house. Sacramento Seller’s Inspection, which is paid for by the home seller or listing agent, prepare a written report as to the condition of the property. It could unmask any concerns that might trade-off a sale. Schedule your Seller’s Inspection Sacramento Today! If you’re ready to sell your home and want to safeguard the sale process will go smoothly and quickly, you may want to consider The Hawkeye Pre-Listing Home Inspection in Sacramento. Generally, Sacramento Home Inspections are paid for by the buyer and completed right before closing the sale of the home. By moving the inspection to the starting point of the sales cycle, sellers are able to lessen the process by eliminating obstacles before they can obstruct with a potential sale. Schedule your Seller’s Inspection Sacramento Today! In some cases, it is possible that the original owner and seller is not even aware of these problems because they are still fairly minor. Of course, it is always a good to idea to address these problems before they get severe. If the inspector does find problems, they may get repaired or the seller may adjust the sales price to include the anticipated cost of repairs. If a mortgage company is involved, they may want these problems fixed before they will approve the mortgage because they want to protect the value of the collateral behind the loan. Planning to start your Home Construction? You need a New Construction Inspection. Call us today and find out more how you can avail full consultation services beginning with the site preparation and foundation to simple one-time inspections of specific systems for your Dream Home. Schedule your Seller’s Inspection Sacramento Today! We Also Serve in Areas of: Rocklin Roseville Granite Bay Auburn Folsom El Dorado Hills Metro Sacramento and surrounding areas

    Video: Seller’s Inspection Sacramento

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  • Certified Move In Ready Homes

    How Does The Certified Move In Ready Program Work? Certified Move-In-Ready Homes have been thoroughly inspected and undergone a 500+ Point Thorough Examination Of The Home Including Structural, Mechanical, Roof, Electrical, Plumbing, Major Appliances, Heat and A/C. Certified Move-In-Ready does not mean that the home is perfect or that all repairs have been made. It simply means the home has already undergone a vigorous inspection and there are no big surprises to be found. A written report has been finalized and includes documentation of any areas of concerns. The written report and a narrative video are posted here and ready for you to view. Clear and concise with digital photos of each room and any concerns noted. The video review, narrated by the inspector, provides verbal and visual clarity and is also provided here. If any areas of concern have been corrected, a follow-up photo may also be in the report to reflect appropriate improvements or the owner may have repair receipts from local tradesmen. Areas of concern that haven’t been corrected may also contain repair estimates provided by the seller. Please contact the listing agent for further information on any of the properties.

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  • Termite Inspection Sacramento

    Termites cause billions of dollars in damage each year. They primarily feed on wood, but also damage paper, books, insulation, and even swimming pool liners and filtration systems. Termites can injure living trees and shrubs, but more often are a secondary invader of woody plants already in decline. While buildings may become infested at any time, termites are of particular importance when buying or selling a home since a termite inspection/infestation report is normally a condition of sale. Besides the monetary impact, thousands of winged termites emerging inside one’s home are an emotionally trying experience — not to mention the thought of termites silently feasting on one’s largest investment. Signs of termite infestation are earthen (mud) tubes extending over foundation walls, support piers, sill plates, floor joists, etc. The mud tubes are typically about the diameter of a pencil, but sometimes can be thicker. Termites construct these tubes for shelter as they travel between their underground colonies and the structure. To help determine if an infestation is active, the tubes may be broken open and checked for the presence of small, creamy-white worker termites. If a tube happens to be vacant, it does not necessarily mean that the infestation is inactive; termites often abandon sections of tube while foraging elsewhere in the structure. Termite-damaged wood is usually hollowed out along the grain, with bits of dried mud or soil lining the feeding galleries. Wood damaged by moisture or other types of insects (e.g., carpenter ants) will not have this appearance. Occasionally termites bore tiny holes through plaster or drywall, accompanied by bits of soil around the margin. Rippled or sunken traces behind wall coverings can also be indicative of termites tunneling underneath. Oftentimes there will be no visible indication that the home is infested. Termites are cryptic creatures and infestations can go undetected for years, hidden behind walls, floor coverings, insulation, and other obstructions. Termite feeding and damage can even progress undetected in wood that is exposed because the outer surface is usually left intact. Ridding a home of termites requires special skills. Knowledge of building construction is needed to identify the critical areas where termites are likely to enter. Many of these potential points of entry are hidden and difficult to access. Termite control also utilizes specialized equipment such as masonry drills, pumps, large-capacity tanks, and soil treatment rods. A typical treatment may involve hundreds of gallons of a liquid pesticide, known as a termiticide, injected into the ground alongside the foundation, beneath concrete slabs, and within foundation walls. Subterranean termite colonies may contain hundreds of thousands of individuals, foraging in many different directions. For the homeowner, localized or “spot” treatments are generally a gamble except in cases of retreatment. Most reputable pest control firms will not warranty spot treatments, since it’s likely that termites will eventually find other points of entry into the structure. Some companies may offer to do a so-called “perimeter” treatment, using one of the non-repellent liquid termiticides (Termidor, Premise, etc.). Typically this will involve a thorough application around the entire outside foundation wall of the building, and spot-treating any infested or high-risk interior areas. If the homeowner is considering such a treatment, they should inquire whether it will be accompanied by a service agreement in case termites return. Service renewal agreements usually state that if termites return, the company will return and retreat the affected areas at no additional charge provided the renewal agreement is maintained. It’s a bit of a gamble to purchase any termite treatment option without an ongoing service agreement. All liquid termiticides are supposed to control termites for at least five years when applied according to label directions. The actual length of control on a given structure will depend on such factors as thoroughness of the application, environmental conditions, and density of termites in the area. If termites swarm again and continue to be a problem the year after treatment, it’s usually not from degradation of the termiticide — but because termites have found an untreated gap in the chemical barrier.

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  • Mobile Home Inspection Sacramento

    The factory-built manufactured home of today has evolved in construction, energy efficiency and design from yesterday’s traditional mobile home. Everyone in the process of buying or selling a manufactured or mobile home in Sacramento needs to invest in a Mobile Home Inspection. Schedule your Mobile Home Inspection Sacramento Today! Why do you need Mobile Inspection? Because Mobile Homes in Sacramento are established differently than a site-built home. These variations can create particular issues that a typical homeowner wouldn’t notice. A Sacramento Mobile Home Inspection is a thorough inspection of the home. There are specific areas that are fully inspected such as ground, flooring, electricity, heating and cooling, plumbing, septic system, and electricity. The Sacramento Home Inspectors, licensed inspectors for mobile homes know the unique problem of mobile homes. This awareness allows the Sacramento home inspectors to diagnose present and future issues that may be unsafe, lessen the worth of the home or be too costly to repair. When Mobile Inspection is done, the possible buyer will have confirmation in both photo and written form that will guide them make a more informed buying decision. A report from the Sacramento Home Inspectors should be complete. Schedule your Mobile Home Inspection Sacramento Today! Is your Home Pool and Spa safe? You need a Pool and Spa Inspection to find out. Call us today and see if the pool and spa comply with local safety regulations, which vary state to state and from municipality to municipality. We Also Serve in Areas of: Rocklin Roseville Granite Bay Auburn Folsom El Dorado Hills Metro Sacramento and surrounding areas

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  • Sewer Line Scoping Sacramento

    The biggest potential problem, particularly in an older home, is the Sewer Pipe System. Buried underground and susceptible to intrusions like tree roots and excess waste products and paper, not to mention the ravages of age, a residential sewer is critical in the proper operation of the whole home’s plumbing system. A sewer that looks to be in fine shape could break at any time, causing a stinky mess inside the home, a disruption of lifestyle, and potentially many thousands of dollars in repair costs. Schedule your Sewer Line Scoping Sacramento Today! Sewer Line Scoping Sacramento is a relatively inexpensive procedure performed by an experienced Sacramento Home Inspectors and Plumbers, involves inserting a cable into the sewer line from the main in the home all the way to the connection with the municipal sewer or a septic tank. On the end of the cable is a tiny television camera that “scopes” the passage and detects blockage, breaks and potential clogs in the line. These images are recorded on tape or digitally and may be reviewed by the homeowner and prospective buyer to verify the condition of the sewer line. A broken or blocked sewer line can lead to an unnecessary expense and disruption for a new home owner, a situation that can be avoided with minimal cost with a pre-purchase sewer line scoping performed by an experienced professional plumber. If a problem is detected, a potential buyer can ask the seller to address the issue or use the information gleaned to renegotiate the selling price, or simply walk away. Schedule your Sewer Line Scoping Sacramento Today! One of the best ways to evaluate the home you intend to purchase is by scheduling a Home Inspection Service. You will receive prompt quality service with the Hawkeye Home Inspections. We provide an in-depth inspection of the Sacramento property that you are looking to buy or sell. Whether you’re relocating from another city or moving just a few blocks. We Also Serve in Areas of: Rocklin Roseville Granite Bay Auburn Folsom El Dorado Hills Metro Sacramento and surrounding areas

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  • Pool and Spa Inspection Sacramento

    The Sacramento Pool and Spa Inspection will provide a report or a checklist to the client and homeowners for a better understanding of the pool and spa condition. This report will assist in assuring that the Inspection report complies with the Standard of Professional Practice. Schedule your Pool and Spa Inspection Sacramento Today! The pool related issues like the filters, pumps, chlorinators, filter cartridge, skimmers or the automatic pool cleaners need the expert hands of the Sacramento Pool and Spa Inspectors. The safety measures that you might need to take up while building a new pool or the timely safety of your backyard pool always invites our company’s pool safety inspectors. Examples of Pool and Spa Inspection Includes But Not Limited To: Signs Safety Features General Operation Pool Facilities Chemicals Water Circulation Water Clarity and Pool Condition in General Spa Water Temperature Not only the checklist, we will also provide you with a customized report. You will get a detailed description of the equipment as well as its installation on that particular pool. You will also get a listing of our recommendations. The outcome will be peace of mind and a new home with a stable, well-functioning backyard resort. Schedule your Pool and Spa Inspection Sacramento Today! Wonder if your Sewer Line Pipes still in good condition? You need a Sewer line Scoping Inspection. Call us today so we can share how our team at Hawkeye Home Inspection can come in and test, detect and repair your sewer lines.

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Images Hawkeye Home Inspections Inc.
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Images Hawkeye Home Inspections Inc.
Images Hawkeye Home Inspections Inc.
Images Hawkeye Home Inspections Inc.
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Images Hawkeye Home Inspections Inc.
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